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Media filters which offer automatic operation and utilize low cost roll media, are well suited to applications with moderate contaminant levels. Contaminated liquid flows through non-woven synthetic filter fabric supported by a conveyor belt. As the filtered contaminants restrict the liquid flow, the liquid level rises and actuates a float switch that runs the conveyor gear motor. Clean liquid collects in the tank and is returned to service by the pump.

The Myco Media filter provides a highly efficient and reliable means of removing solids from process liquids. It features a non pressurized system which is economical and easy to operate. The Myco Media filter has a fully automated system that ensures efficient cleaning of any process fluid and optimizes the amount of media used.

The filter is available in a variety of materials of construction, depending upon the application and in various sizes to accommodate varying flow rate requirements.

Typical applications

  • Machine Tool Coolants 
  • Pulp and Paper 
  • Phosphating Solutions 
  • Food and Beverage 
  • Spray Booth Effluent
  • Water and Wastewater 
  • Machine Automation 
  • Cooling and Heating 
  • Mining 
  • Rolling Oils
  • Scrubbers 
  • Parts Washing Chemicals 
  • Automotive 
  • Quenching Oils 
  • Steel 
  • Agriculture

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