Clearstream's Magnetic Filters:
The purpose of these magnetic filters is to capture metal particles with magnetic properties that are free flowing in the filtering liquid.
The magnetic filters themselves come in tube form with the extremely strong magnetic core (12,000 Gauss) being housed inside of a protective sleeve (tube).
This allows you to easily remove the magnetic core for quick and easy cleaning. As the core is removed from the sleeve, the magnetism is removed and the metal particles fall off.
You can utilize these magnetic tubes on their own or with one of our magnetic racks. These racks securely hold between 1 and 5 magnetic tube filters and can be easily placed within and P1 or P2 size filter baskets (other sizes available upon request).
The magnetic filter racks help keep the filters in place and ensure optimal flow rate.
 Rod In Housing
  Rare Earth 12,000 Gauss magnetic rods, single or in racks of up to 5 rods. 
(Bag sizes 1 and 2 available)

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