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 clay slurry  peanut butter  amine  acetic acid  adhesives
 pigmented coatings  corn syrup  reduced crudes  brine  solvents
 fresh water  lard  feedstock  calcium carbonate  resins
 white water  dextros  pump seal water  cooling tower  liquors
 decker  chocolates  naptha  ethylene glycol  paints
 shower water  jelly  fuel oil  herbicides  shampoo
 size  juices  motor oil  hydrochloric acid  dyes
 starch  milk sugar  hydraulic oil  latices  beer
 tio2 slurry  edible oils  synthetic lubricants  pellitzer water  beverages
 mill water  soybean concentrate  completion fluids  polymers  pharmaceutical
 wet end additives  city and well water  injection fluids  resins  toothpaste
 cooling water dyes  tea liquor  cooling tower water  sulphuric acid  
 pump seal water  extracts      

Applications for Liquid Bag Filter Housings
  • remove char particles
  • remove oversize particles from slurries 
  • remove plastic fines from water 
  • remove pulp from juices 
  • remove DE filter carryover 
  • remove precipitated solids 
  • remove undispersed solids 
  • remove particles from coatings
  • protect reverse osmosis systems 
  • protect instruments 
  • protect catalyst beds 
  • protect glue applicators 
  • filter pump seal water 
  • filter broiler feed water 
  • filter condensate 
  • filter bottle and can wash water 
  • filter poultry and meat wash water 
  • filter recirculating 
  • filter cooling tower water 
  • filter waste oil for reuse 
  • filter scrubber water
  • protect chiller and air conditioners
  • keep spray nozzles open 
  • clean electrolytic solutions
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