Compatibility for Standard Bag Material

 Material Organic Solvents
 Animal Vegetable
& Petro Oils
 Micro-Organisms  Alkalines  Organic Acids  Oxidizing Agents  Mineral Acids
 Polyester Excellent
 Excellent  Excellent  Good  Good  Good  Good
 Polypropylene Excellent
 Excellent  Excellent  Excellent  Excellent  Good  Good
 Nylon Excellent
 Excellent  Excellent  Good  Fair  Poor  Poor
* Chart is to be used as a guide. User should test with specific media to assure compatibility.

Maximum Operating Temperature for Standard Bag Material

 Media  Material Maximum Temp Fahrenheit  Maximum Temp Celsius
 PE  Polyester Felt  300  149
 PO  Polypropylene  200  93
 PEMU  Polyester Monofilament  300  149
 NMO  Nylon Monofilament  250  121

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