Media Descriptions
CSBN products are nonwoven fabrics made by spinning and thermally bonding continuous filaments of nylon into drapeable, conformable, textile like fabric. PBN-II® fabrics have a cross hatch bond pattern that is registered under trademark number 2,163,116.
• Available weights range from 0.25 ounces per square yard (9 grams per square meter) to 4.0 ounces per square yard (136 grams per square meter) in widths up to 120 inches (3 meters).
• CSBN complies with Section 409 of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act and therefore are acceptable for use in food contact applications.
CFPB is a blend of Polyester (90%) and cellulose (10%) fibers with a chemical binder, which provides higher efficiency filtration than other non-wovens. This media has great multi-directional strength and is very tolerant of high tramp oil. FPB is recommended for filtering fluids in washer, grinding, honing and certain gravity applications. It is also a preferred product for use in greenhouse filtration. BASIS WEIGHT RANGE: 1.0 OZ TO 3.5 OZ PER SQ. / YD.
CPR is a low cost highly effective media. It utilizes ultra-sonic technology to layer the polyester fibers together. This media offers great strength and still remains fairly open to allow for great flow rates. CPR works well in straight oil applications where restricted flow is a problem and also provides good caked building characteristics BASIS WEIGHT RANGE: 0.5 OZ TO 2.5 OZ PER SQ. / YD.
CRX - Non-woven Fabric/Spun and Chemically Bonded Nylon.
CRX Spunbond, Flat bonded Nylon 6,6 Nonwoven Fabrics 100% Nylon materials produced by spinning continuous filaments and autogenously bonding into a thin, smooth, and strong fabric. High tensile and tear strength even at low basis weights. Thermal stability with a melting point of 500 F. Resists attack by many solvents, alkalis and dilute acids. BASIS WEIGHT RANGE: 0.5 OZ TO 2.5 OZ PER SQ. / YD.

Clearstream Filters carries other types of roll media which may be sold by the roll or by yardage specified by customer.
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